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      Our Services:

  • Statutory Audits
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Internal and Management Audits
  • Internal Control Review
  • Company Law Matters
  • Accounting & Related Consultancy
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Personal Advisory Services
  • Secretarial Services






S.P. Chowdhury & Co. Chartered Accountants was formed on the 12 day of August 2009. 

The basic services our firm offers are to provide comprehensive package of accounting, secretarial, property management, taxation and business advisory services. In addition, services are provided to a number of schools, and a variety of commercial and private clients.








Key Figures




Mr. Chandra Shakhar Pal Chowdhury FCA is the Senior Partner of the S. P. Chowdhury & Co, and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh. Mr. Placid Gomes ACA is the another partner of Firm.






Profile In Brief


SPC is highly proficient in providing consultations concerning Accountancy, Taxation, Audit, Company Law matters and resolving day to day issues related to the same.


The company caters to a very wide spectrum of prestigious business houses and noted professional institutions. The management firmly believes in absolute transparency of dealings with the companies. Lucre is not our goal. Entire success of our organization is the result of our dedication and commitment to the highest level of personalized service to our clients. It is our hallmark. We commit genuine and endeavor to see that our clientele take legitimate pride in choosing us as their tax consultants. We follow the fine tradition of business ethics and steadfastly adhere to quality and excellence.


SPC is equipped with the latest and hi-tech office equipment and is backed by a team of highly qualified, competent and experienced personnel. The team consists of a group of result oriented people who never discriminate among their members. Every client is unique to us, which is why we occupy a prominent position in our professional circle and are growing from strength to strength. Service with smile is our password.





Vision and Mission


With ‘Quality is Priority’ as an ultimate aspiration, S.P.CHOWDHURY & CO’s vision is to nurture a professional pool of resource that would be highly competitive, dynamic and focused in their area of expertise. Each member of the team would be leaders in the areas of their operation, providing the best opportunity to progress and grow to all those who are associated with it and also serving the best interests of the clients.

Excellence, Integrity and Independence, the Motto of our Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh, is the ultimate objective of the firm in all its professional commitments.

The firm always strives to improve the quality of life and the standard of living, for society as a whole.






We realize that accounting is a multi-disciplined profession which requires skills and talent from a wide variety of areas. Our employees exhibit strong interpersonal, organizational and technical abilities. We believe that, through the development of these skills, one can attain the highest level of success within our firm.


At S.P. Chowdhury & Co, we recognize that our strength and success stems from the performance of our people, and therefore we strive to create an atmosphere that stresses learning and individual attention for all members of our team.


In our continuing commitment to provide our clients with the highest quality professional service, we seek to attract capable, intelligent and motivated people in all of our practice areas. A commitment to professional achievement and personal integrity is essential.






Quality and integrity :

Sound knowledge of our profession, combined with uncompromising integrity and independence, forms the foundation for the quality of our services.


Knowledge and experience :

We draw from a rich source of knowledge and experience, by working with diversified numbers of organizations and in numerous markets. To comply with our vision and mission, our organization devotes a lot of attention to constantly develop the knowledge of the professionals within the firm. It is the key to provide up-to-date knowledge and appropriate service to the clients about the trends and issues in the markets, industries and sectors.


Multidisciplinary :

We are highly proficient in providing consultations concerning Accountancy, Taxation, Audit, Company Law matters and attend day to day real life problems. Often the issues of clients require a multidisciplinary approach.








·         Uncompromising quality

·         We follow "Zero mercy" regarding to quality.

·         Outstanding professionals

·         The on-going attention for investing in the personal and professional development of our staff helps produce excellent, devoted professionals who strive to dedicate themselves to their clients every day.

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